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Provident Fund

Focus on your core activities and let MAB PF handles Provident Fund

An employee can check any time through any device

  • His/her total contibutions to date with monthly breakup
  • Employee total contributions to date with monthly breakup
  • His/her total profit share with monthly breakup
  • His/her loan details with closing balance

Data integrity is ensured through button level user controls

User can be allocated rights upto button level.

This will ensure a proper check and balance over provident fund.

Save time & ensures accuracy

Automation of:

  • Monthly contibutions calculation
  • Monthly profit calculation
  • Monthly profit distribution
  • Settlement in few seconds

Ensure complaince

If your provident fund is recognized under Sixth Schedules of Income Tax Ordinance then MAB PF will auto highlight any non-compliances while extending loans against provident fund.

Covers financial aspects

  • chart of account
  • Vouchers
  • Trial balance
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Ledgers(separate ledger for each employee for employee contribution, employer contribution, profit share, loan & advances & settlement etc.)

Design your vouchers

Here you decide header/footer and signatories to appear on different vouchers.

Export to excel

All reports can be exported to excel for further analysis if needed.

Email settlement details to retiring employee.on settlement there is an option to email all the details to the employee being settled. The details will be month wise contributions, profits and how net amount reached in the settlement.

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